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  • Director Carol Stanton

    Carol Stanton is the Founder and Director of Nature’s Wisdom Wellness Association. She has worked in health care for over 30 years. Stanton is trained in Natural Health as well as Western medicine as a Registered Nurse. Nature's Wisdom Wellness has been serving clients since 2006.

    One of Carol’s guiding principles is the belief that “knowledge is power” …Benjamin Disraeli. Our goal at Nature’s Wisdom is to educate and empower you to make informed, educated decisions about your health. Carol’s firm belief in this statement, is attested to by her continued education and the therapies that have been added to Nature’s Wisdom over the past 12 years. Her belief that our health is greatly impacted by our nutrition, has led her to extensive training in the use of whole food nutrition. To that end she has also had extensive training in Nutrition Response testing (kinesiology).

    She has been featured on NBC news, Health check, for her success with Ondamed® therapy for pain relief and ADHD. She contributes her success with Ondamed® therapy to the instruction she received with Dr Wolfe Dieter Kessler MD, of the famed Kessler Institute in Germany and also Rolf Binder, inventor of the Ondamed®.

    Carol attributes much of her client’s success to the use of the Asyra®. Asyra® can determine frequency imbalances (not diagnosis),for allergies, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, neurotransmitters, sleep disturbances, emotional stressors, food sensitivities, metabolic disturbances, environmental sensitivities, dental disturbances, nosodes, phenolics and much more. Based on the results of your consult, Stanton will educate you on the benefits of herbal and whole food nutrition that may benefit you. She does not prescribe but educates you. You determine the road to health that you want to take. She is determined to get to the root of the issue. Often in allopathic medicine, symptoms are treated. For example, if someone has pain, they are often given a pain medication or if they can’t sleep, they are given a sleeping pill. In natural health we don’t diagnose but look for the root through imbalances with biofeedback, striving to get to the root of the issue. When given the right conditions, the body has the amazing ability to heal itself.

    Clients embarking on the education they receive often report more energy, improved sleep, decreased pain, weight loss, improvement in digestive disorders and general improved health. Carol believes the road to health is a journey. If you want to improve your health and to change your lifestyle, she believes the best advice is to make lifestyle changes a journey. She has seen so many be successful in the road to health, when they take this advice. Slow changes stick. We believe this because when people make drastic changes to their diet or health practices, they feel overwhelmed, and have a difficult time sticking to it. So join us here at Nature’s Wisdom and let us walk with you on your journey to better health.

    Stanton has also used her education to lecture at a college level. She has lectured at Three Rivers Community College on natural health topics and detoxification. As well as serving as the lead Instructor for the CNA Program at Three Rivers and Educational Training of Wethersfield, lecturing and providing clinical instruction, for her students.

    She is beloved by her students from Three Rivers and Educational Training in New London. Students that have graduated will continue to contact her after graduation for advice and to just “keep in touch”.

    In College, Stanton studied with famed herbalist and author Rosemary Gladstar, furthering her education in the use of herbs and herbal formulations. She has also been educated by, internationally known Medical Doctor, Elson Haas, MD, author of “Staying Healthy with Nutrition” and “A Diet for All Seasons”.

    Stanton is a member of the American Holistic Health Association and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has also been certified as a Reflexologist with the International Institute of Reflexology. She is trained in the Ingram method of reflexology. She is an avid proponent of exercise and has been certified by AFAA as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

    Carol’s love of natural health and genuine concern for others, has touched the lives of many that have enlisted her direction in their quest for improved health.

    My personal story

    I have always had an interest in helping others. In high school I became a Certified Nurse’s Aide. Then, I fulfilled my dream of having a family. This is my greatest joy in life. I have 2 grown children and two beautiful grand daughters. While raising my children, I went back to school to become an RN. My family all chipped in to help me to be able to do this. They sacrificed time with me, while I was in the library, with long hours of study. After graduation, I experienced many great opportunities for further education. I worked in several hospitals, nursing homes, visiting nurse service and taught at a Community college.

    Once my children were grown, I went back to school for my Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy. I would like to share the reason I decided to enter the natural health field. As a nurse, I saw so much suffering. I worked on a medical care unit where many suffered with end stage heart disease, renal failure and cancer. They would be on so many medications. Often they would have to take a medication to relieve the side effects of another medication and they were still suffering. In most cases, they weren’t healing, their illness and symptoms were just being masked. I saw this when my father died in his 50’s. I was only 20. He was on so many medications, that my parents could barely afford them. Then my mother died of cancer, when I was 37 years old. These experiences led me to search for more. With my family history of poor health, I knew that if I wanted to live a long and healthy life, I would need to learn more about methods to promote and restore health. This led me to the field of study of natural health. I now know, that the body has the ability to heal itself if you give it the right conditions: proper nutrition; organic fruits, veggies, organic meats and whole grains, pure water to cleanse the inside of your body, exercise, rest, clean air, and detoxification inside and out. Also, it is important to think about the toxins you may use every day; cleaners, fluoride, aluminum in deodorants, heavy metals in amalgams, bug sprays, lotions, lead in lipstick, mouth gargles, colors, dyes preservatives, arsenic in mineral make-up, and the list goes on. Know there are natural alternatives that don’t harm the body. I encourage you to research for yourself or come to Nature’s Wisdom and let us educate you.

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  • Nancy McDade

    Nancy has worked at Nature's Wisdom for several years. She resides in Westerly with her husband Jim.

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