Body Odor & Bad Breath

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Body Odor & Bad Breath

When you have body odor it usually means your body has something going on that it wants you to know about.

Here are some possible causes of body odor:

  • Heavy metals, drugs, exposure to everyday chemicals such as : insecticides, perfumes, chlorine, cleaning agents, etc. or an unbalanced diet can cause odor stemming from toxicity.

  • What can help?

  • The Standard Process 10 or 21 day cleanse (detoxification Program, see tab on website) . This is a full body cleanse.

Mouth odor (Bad Breath) can mean a sinus or tooth infection or problems with digestion.Foods that are not digesting well can cause odor from the gut, such as gas or bad breath.

What Can you do?

Consider Asyra testing. (see tab on asyra) Digestive enzymes, taken with meals can help with digestive issues. At Nature's Wisdom we can educate you on herbal supplements to support the immune system.

Foot odor can be a result of low chlorophyll (green vegetables) intake or a high meat diet.

What can you do?

Chlorophul tablets and digestive enzymes can help. And.... Eat more green veggies.

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