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Success Stories

“Carol Stanton saved my life” “It was Jan 2011. I had been put on a medical leave by my Naturopathic Doctor the month before and had been seriously declining since then. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I thought I was going crazy. I had been suffering from migraines and stabbing pains and numbness in my neck, face, and head for several years, which was getting worse and worse. In Nov I started having constant kidney/bladder/urethra pain with several urine tests coming back negative.

By Dec I also had chest pain, heart palpitations, fainting spells, anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, inability to digest food and joint pains. My General Practitioner told me “It’s all in your head, you are under too much stress, you need a colonoscopy and a mammogram.” I was furious and flabbergasted. I insisted on a Lyme test, which she was agreeable to, but later came back negative. I was always pretty healthy all of my life, so what was happening to me?

……By the end of Dec I was bedridden, only able to get up to use the bathroom. I was unable to eat food and was just getting weaker and weaker by the day. In my loneliness and prayer, I recalled a conversation I had with a colleague at work months before who said, “ Carol Stanton a Naturopath in Westerly can help with anything.” I knew I was dying. I figured that Carol was my last hope…… I emailed Carol on the night of Jan 3rd and was elated when she responded that evening with an appointment for me the next day. I went to see Carol the next day, having extreme difficulty just walking from the street to her office, but so grateful to be there! (Carol does not diagnose) but I was resonating with a frequency for Lyme disease. (Carol educated me on a protocol that has helped others with similar issues) This included supplements, foods, activities and weekly Ondamed sessions. Within two days I was able to eat food without getting sick! After my first Ondamed session, which was just 5 days later I felt like I had a little energy and actually put laundry in the washer. Wow I couldn’t believe it, I was actually on the mend. I continued to improve tremendously through the spring months and actually spent the summer building a house!

Since then I have done a lot of reading on Lyme disease and have learned that Carol’s support protocols, the Asyra results and Ondamed sessions are right on the target. The one vital lesson I learned this past year is that Lyme Disease is a serious illness , that it will take months and possibly years to heal from. I believe that I have been suffering with Lyme for over 15 years now, so for me it could be a while. Thank God for Carol and Alex my life savers!!”

~ VMKeith


What was your health before you came to us?

-Was tired and had to spend hours each day laying down! Shoulder movement was limited. When working was wore out at noon.

How is it now?

No daily tiredness. Shoulder movement has improved range. When working don’t get wore out at all


What was your health before you came to us?

Extreme tiredness, constant headaches, no energy, poor sleep, always bloated, vertigo, sore knees, mental fog, pain when walking.

How is it now?

Alert, awake, no headaches after a few days, extreme energy, great sleep (no wake-ups during the night),no bloating, no dizziness (amazing0, no pain in Achilles, no sore knees., mental clarity and better focus. All improvements were made in three weeks.

From T.T.

Trace had a variety of physical ailments that concerned me- frequent eye blinking, twitching, etc

Now: All twitching and eye blinking has completely ceased. He has greatly improved in multiple aspects after Asyra.

From Sharon:

After being sick for years and going through many doctors, I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1997, at the age of 46 years old. I resolved not to take steroids, which is a typical treatment for lupus “flares” as they are called, unless I absolutely had no other choice. I was successful in that resolve until 2008, when I began to get painful mouth sores, sometimes dozens at a time, inside my cheeks, on my tongue and on my gums. At times my tongue was so raw and sore, and looked as if someone had used sandpaper to strip the surface. I was misdiagnosed by three doctors with geographic tongue. I kept protesting, saying ”But geographic tongue isn’t suppose to hurt and my whole mouth hurts so much!” Finally an oral surgeon told me I had lichen planus , and that it was not going to be easy to treat, from what he knew about it. At this time I was begging for steroids, the one medication I was determined I would never take unless I was desperate. The steroids only took the edge off the pain and just barely reduced the sores I had in my mouth. I was off and on steroids for a period of almost three years, and ended up seeing 15 different doctors in all. I was referred to a highly specialized doctor, who recommended a drug that was banned in 60 countries and would cost nearly $4000 per month. I was already severely depressed from taking steroids (up to 80mg) but when I left that appointment, I was even more depressed and cried for an entire week. I didn’t know what to do; I honestly felt that I could just curl up and die. I’m only 60 years old!! But what do I do?? I’ve already seen all these doctors at two of the best medical centers in the northeast.

Then my friend told me about Carol Stanton and the Asyra test system. The WHAT??!! My husband and I found out as much as we could about Carol and the Asyra test system as we could, but mostly, I decided I wanted to meet her after talking to two people who had gone to her. This was a HUGE decision to travel to see Carol, since she lives about 3-1/2 hours away from where we live. But we did and when she said,” I believe I can help you,” my husband and I felt that indeed she probably could. We both really trusted her and we trusted the Asyra testing system. The first three months that I traveled to see her, I was really sick, and I kept wondering if I was going to do all this and then just die anyway. That’s how I felt.

My very first visit with Carol resulted in her finding lots of things in my system, including (the frequency resonance, not diagnosis) of the Lyme frequency. I didn’t doubt that I had it, but I told her just do whatever she could to make me feel like a functioning human being again and please help me with my tongue, forget the Lyme! But my tongue really wasn’t improving a lot, so at the third visit she (again educated me on a Lyme protocol) I said okay, (I decided to try the protocol) but it was somewhat reluctantly. Well, that was the month my tongue started to get better. And it has continued to stay better. Carol has helped me overall in many other ways too, and continues to. I honestly cannot say enough good about Carol, and I find myself talking to others about her just about everyday of my life. I recommended her to our daughter and two good friends. All of them fell in love with her immediately, but most of all, they too trust her. Our daughter has made some major changes in her diet and that of her husband and son based on what Carol has shared with me and what I have passed on to her.

My husband and I feel that Carol Stanton is worth the seven hours roundtrip that we do about once a month. Thank-you, Carol Stanton.

Sharon Cote Jan 22, 2012

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  • "Carol Stanton saved my life."

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