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Bone Health

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Bone Health

03/15/11, 03/17/11

Living bone is constantly renewing by a process of resorption of older bone tissue and build-up of new tissue. In youth and early adulthood bone building usually out paces resorption and bones grow longer or denser. As one gets older bone growth slows and resorptoin tends to increase resulting in bone thinning. Key to slowing loss and increasing growth is an understanding of factors of bone health and the sequence of calcium absorption as in 1 to 5 below.

1. Ingestion of calcium rich foods or supplements.

2. In the stomach HCL renders calcium and other minerals suitable for absorption.

3. In the intestines calcium is mobilized by vitamin D to be absorbed into the blood.

4. Blood calcium is mobilized by essential fats and moved into the bones.

5. Once in the bone, calcium is acted on by bone growth factors to become part of the bone structure.

Other Factors of Bone Health

Para-thyroid glands act on kidneys, intestines and bone to maintain blood calcium levels needed for many functions. Estrogen and other hormones impact calcium use and are potent factors in bone growth and breakdown.

The liver and kidneys change vitamin D, to a more effective form to enhance calcium absorption from the gut. Bones contain other nutrients such as protein and trace minerals which also need to be consumed and absorbed. Human blood is slightly alkaline and if the system tends to acidosis, calcium is taken from bones to reduce the pH. Weight bearing exercise is a potent bone growth factor and may make up for imperfections elsewhere in the system.

Slender physical frame
White or Asian race
Family history of osteoporosis
Gall Bladder disease
Long term low back pain Previous stress fractures Inadequate Ca during pregnancy

Risk Factors for Bone Loss

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoking
  • Removal of part of the intestines
  • Stomach Bypass surgery
  • Antacid use Thyroid removal Digestive insufficiency
  • Never had a full term pregnancy
  • Sugar intake
  • Lithium or Tetracycline use
  • Cortisone or Prednisone use
  • Excessive caffeine use High animal protein intake Soft drinks

Bone Density Testing

Often the first indication of thinning bones is poor bone density test results. The gold standard for bone density evaluation

is the DEXA scan (dual energy x-ray abosrptionmetry). DEXA results are reported as T and Z scores. The T score compares results with bone density of a healthy young adult and the Z score is age adjusted. The World Health Organization recommends using the T score. T scores can change and the DEXA scan can be repeated after 6 months.

T scores are evaluated as:

Normal: above -1 Osteopeina: -1 to -2.5 Osteoporosis: below -2.5

Other Indicators of Bone Health

  • Urine testing to measure the rate of bone breakdown or build-up (can be repeated every 3 to 6 months)

  • pH monitoring of saliva and urine to measure decalcification tendency (can be tested daily home or at any office visit)

  • The calcium cuff test gives an indication of tissue calcium levels (can be done weekly or monthly)


It should be obvious by now that bones are not some isolated part of your body, but an integral part of the miracle of life. The density of bone tissue is a reflection of general health and the steps to maintain healthy bones are in fact the very same ones necessary to promoting good health. For more information see Health Tip “Bone Health The Program.”

To have a custom program created for you call (401) 596-5700

**To view this and other health tips go to and select the Health Tips tab**

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