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Halo Technology

                  Halo is a unique energetic device that harnesses the power of  light, plants, herbs and  amino acids.  The violet light is the delivery system that carries the botanical energies into the body to provide holistic care to the body. A portable, easy to use, home therapy process, Halo shines the perfect frequency of violet light through these vials, which delivers the energetic properties and frequencies directly into the body. The botanicals come from all over the word, including many from the rain forests. Halo combines botanicals with the power of light. This unique combination is the perfect formulation that makes the Halo a very special technology.
What is Bio-photonic therapy?    
It is the combination of two sciences: Physics and Chemistry.
 Physics: The invention of the Nobel Prize winning Blue Light LED Diodes made it possible to direct photons of a specific frequency that could carry harmonic information as a delivery system. 

Chemistry: Mastery of advanced Chemistry allowed 100's of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs and other compounds to be combined into long-lasting stable solutions.                                                                                                              Bio-Photonics allows for all the benefits of light therapy to be combined with the healing power of botanicals, herbs, and other compounds to address many health issues.

How Does the Halo System work?

The photon's (light) passes through the vials or tubes that contain the botanical extracts and picks up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals. It then transmits the photons with the botanical energies into the body (delivery system). Halo MultiverseThe body then responds as if the botanicals were actually present.

Photonic/botanical energies increase cellular communication. The body knows what to do with these energies and how to best distribute them . This gives the body the right conditions to heal itself. Light and botanicals do not heal and cure. Rather, the self healing ability of the body is the miracle; it utilizes supplied energies from every source it can to aid in the healing process.

Michael Thomas, Inventor, Master Chemist and Botanist, theorized almost 20 years ago that if he could pass photons through vials of botanical solutions  that the light would pick up the information of the botanicals and deliver them to the tissues in the body and to drinking water.

Benefits of the Halo System

+ Supports the body in the management of pain and inflammation

+ Assists in stress reduction and promotes a calming sensation that can be immediate!

+ Supports Emotional, Mental and neurological well being

+A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality that can last for days

+ Supports the body in regulating the immune system

+Promotes wellness and longevity

Halo is not a Laser

Studies show and NASA agrees that LED lights are better vehicles for healing than lasers. LED'S are light sources releasing energy in the form of photons. They release wavelengths that stimulate cells to aid the body in healing. Violet light carries more harmonic energy on its wavelengths than any other light wavelengths. It has been shown to be the best in transferring harmonic frequencies into the body.

Learn more about Halo Multiverse     (if using an old browser you may need to click on:  proceed to this site on tiny url website)


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